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Lodolite Eye Silver Ring

Lodolite Eye Silver Ring

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A handmade piece with Lodolite crystal.

A crystal that promotes emotional healing and releases trauma, helps the manifestation of your desires. The name Lodolite comes from the Hebrew word "lod," which means "to heal," so this crystal is considered an excellent tool for improving health and well-being.

Base metal copper, plated in silver.

Copper symbolises love and balance, and was used to heal and protect during ancient times. Many claim that wearing copper balances both the spirit and body.


We use top quality materials. Our metals are water safe (ideally, avoid water will prolong the durability and quality of your jewellery).

TO PRESERVE After getting your jewellery in contact with the salt water, please clean it and make sure to wash in clean water D R Y it well afterward and store it in a dry place (avoid humidity).

You need to keep your jewellery away from chemical products such as cleaning products with bleach, perfume, sunscreen, lotions, etc.

We also recommend to keep away from pools and hot tubs.

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